CRYSTAL POWER EVENTS – $10.00 at the door

Sat May 25/2019  10:00AM-12:00PM


Thurs June 13/2019 7:00-9:00PM

Register by e-mail, 12 spots available each session.

Basic Chakra/Crystal/Energy information. *NEW* Grounding &Protecting information.

Meditation to connect your energy to a complimentary crystal.

Draw, Surprise Perk, & Crystals/Jewelry for sale.

Crystal Power Evening

Date – January 31, 2019
Time – 7:00pm-9:00pm
Registration – $10/person

We will discuss basic chakra and crystal information. You will choose 1 complimentary crystal and we’ll do a short meditation with it to connect your energy. There will be crystals and stones for sale. Healing Stone Jewelry for sale/order by Gina’s Creative Designs. Enter a draw for a complimentary crystal consultation, which includes 1 crystal.

If you’re interested in registering, please email me!